Best Android Apps That Must Have in June 2020

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Finally, we are back with our Best Android Apps list of June 2020. These apps are the most useful and must-have apps for your android devices. These android apps help you to improve your music, audio recording, social life, and personal life also. From downloading Insta stories to removing noise from your audio clips, we have it all in our this month’s best Android apps list. So without wasting any more time let’s have a look at some of these apps.


wavelet the best android app

The first app on our list is Wavelet. There are thousands of equalizer apps available on Google Play Store but none of them works better than Wavelet. It offers you over 2000+ customizable options to choose from. The best thing is that you don’t need to root your device for this app. Currently, 2300 headphones support wavelet out of the box. You can turn on the auto equalizer or you can customize it according to your music taste. The app interface is pretty simple to use and there are two modes to choose in the free version – legacy mode and reduce clipping mode.


best android apps

WiFilink app is another great app if you share your mobile hotspot a lot with your friends and family. Mostly all of us use some kind of password for our hotspot and for our other accounts because its easy to remember them. But if sometimes some people ask you to share your mobile hotspot password and it makes you a little uncomfortable to share your password. Then Wi-Fi link app comes to your rescue because it lets you share your Wi-Fi hotspot with a QR code. Simply scan the QR code or send a link on various chat platforms to establish a connection.

How WifiLink works?
Just add the credentials for the first time and you are ready to share your Wi-Fi or Hotspots with others.
1. Add your Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot credentials (first time only)
2. Now click on the QR code or Share Link to share the connection
You can share your Wi-Fi link with others via various chat platforms or messaging apps. Is that simple!

Ultra Volume

ultravolume app

Android is all about customization and that’s where Ultra Volume Panel comes to play its role. We all use a volume slider or panel many times in a day. But how does it feels if you that you can change the appearance of your volume panel and that too depending upon your mood, pretty amazing right? With the Ultra Volume app, you can change the skin of your volume panel and make it look like MIUI, Realme OS, Oxygen OS, OneUI, etc. You can also change the color of your volume slider or give it a gradient look too. This app also lets you change the position and the size of the volume panel.

Dolby On

If you record a lot of audio or video files then your wait is over and Dolby Audio is a perfect solution for you. The app is created by itself and it’s a quick and easy app that lets you record your voice (even with video) in just one click. The interface of the app is really simple and easy to use with some powerful and professional features. This app records high-quality audio and lets you play with EQ and it even has a noise reduction feature in it, which works really well. There is an auto mode and six presets in the app to chose from. In auto mode, it automatically reduces the background noise and gives you the best results possible.

Filmic Pro

filmic pro best android app

The next best app for Android on our list is Filmic Pro. If you want to record a video on your mobile then your default camera app has very limited to options and you cannot control all things like exposure, shutter speed, and focus at the same time. But that’s where Filmic Pro plays a huge role in our lives. It lets you control all these things manually. Like a DSLR camera, you get many options and you can even record video at 4K high quality.


Well like something on Insta and want to save it to your device? Well, worry not because the next app in our list lets you download all types of pics, IG Videos, stories or GIF’s to your mobile. You can simply log in to the app and it will show you a download button at the bottom of every post. Once you hit the download button it will download the file and save it to your gallery. The interface of the app is clean and easy to use and it’s secure to use also.

Pro Screens

If you are one of those who love to customize your android home screen then you gonna fall in love with Pro Screens app. Basically this app gives you ideas to make your home screen look even more better with the submission of others. It lets you choose from many home screen setups and gives you all info about the setup. It tell you that you need which launcher, icon pack and widget to get that look. If you click on launcher, icon, or widget options it directly sends you to that app on Google Play Store. You can also download wallpapers from this app and it even suggests you some apps that are on sale related to icon packs and wallpapers. You can also submit your home screen setup to this app for free.

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