How to Convert PDF to Excel Free on PC, Phone

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PDF no doubt is the most widely used portable file format nowadays. But it is possible that you have a PDF file containing tables and you want to edit some information in tables. Then in such cases, PDF format is not a viable solution as table editing quite difficult in PDF format. So what better options you have? Here comes the Excel Spreadsheet, a perfect file format if you are dealing with tables and want to edit some information’s within the tables. Readout this article to know about how to convert PDF to Excel free on PC as well as Phone.

How to convert PDF to Excel free on Phone

how to convert pdf to excel free

  • After selecting the file click on the “Convert” option on the top right corner.
pdf to excel
  • It will take some time to convert your file to Excel format, at last after the process finished click on Download.
convert pdf to excel free
  • It helps to save the Excel file in your phone, Google Drive and Dropbox.

How to convert PDF to Excel on PC

  • Open website on your PC.
  • Select PDF to Excel from the listed options
  • On the next page, select the PDF file which you want to convert to Excel. You can select a file from the local PC path, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • After selecting/uploading the file click on Convert to Excel.
  • Wait for a moment to complete the conversion process and then click Download EXCEL. You can also save the converted file on Google Drive, Dropbox.

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