How to Export WhatsApp Chat to PDF on Android

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WhatsApp a largely used messenger Platform, Many of us is using this platform to interact with family, friends etc. while other are using the same for official purpose. And sometime we need to save/export the chat history for legal reasons or for research purpose or for any other reason. WhatsApp allow exporting the chat history but in .txt format only. What if I need a chat history in .pdf format? As .pdf is mostly widely used portable file format to save any file. Here comes a little trick by which you can export WhatsApp chat to PDF. For this, firstly you need to download the WPS Office from Google play store and then follow the steps mentioned below:

How to Export WhatsApp Chat to PDF on Android phone

  • Open WhatsApp and open the chat which you want to export
whatsapp chat
  • Tap on three dots at the top left corner and select “More
convert whatsapp chat to pdf
  • Tap on Export Chat, a pop up will appear select “without Media
how to convert whatsapp chat to pdf
  • Now a screen will appear with Share Menu’s. Select Gmail or any other mail support that you are using
pdf whatsapp chat
  • Now the system will open the Gmail App on your phone. Select “To” as your own Email address so that you after pressing the send button you will receive Mail in your mailbox itself.
techtalkpedia whatsapp trick
  • Refresh your Mailbox and open the mail containing the WhatsApp exported chat
techtalkpedia whatsapp pdf chat
  • Now download the attachment by tapping on down arrow icon
download file techtalkpedia
  • Now open the downloaded file using WPS Office App
open with wps techtalkpedia
  • After file opened in WPS office, tap on Tools icon as shown below:
wps tools techtalkpedia
  • A window will appear, select “Export to PDF
export to pdf wps
  • A window will appear that display the preview of PDF file, click on “Export to PDF” at the bottom of the phone
  • Select the path where you want to save the file. Rename the file if required and at last click on Export to PDF to save the file as PDF
save pdf file whatsapp chat

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