How to Fix PUBG Mobile High Ping Problem!

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PUBG Mobile was initially launched in the year 2017, since then it has won the hearts of millions of Mobile gaming communities. It has 100,000,000+ downloads on Google Play Store with 4.3 ratings and with over two crore reviews. There are many records that PUBG Mobile broke since it arrived to android Play Store. It is an online multiplayer game where you can play single, dua or squad matches. PUBG not only requires good gaming skill but it also a good Mobile network too. If a gamer is facing some trouble while playing PUBG, this could be due to PUBG high ping problem. Ping basically tells you how fast is your internet connection and it is counted in milliseconds. For better gaming experience, your ping needs to below. If your ping is high, even the NOOB players can kill you very easily.

So here is an APN setting that you can apply to get a low ping in PUBG Mobile. This setting works in almost all Mobile networks. This APN setting will surely help you to reduce your PUBG high ping problem, whether you are an idea, Vodafone, Airtel, jio SIM user. This APN setting increases your upload speed and to get a low ping in PUBG Mobile you need more uploading speed on your internet connection.

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Steps to create APN setting

  • Go to your Mobile settings.
  • Tap on SIM cards and Mobile setting.
  • Then click on your SIM card settings.
  • Tap on + icon (New APN)
Pubg high ping
New access point form will open as below
  • Name: Gaming X (make sure “G” and “X” is in capital letters)
  • APN: LTE
  • Proxy: Not set
  • Port: Not set
  • User Name: @xpronet
  • Password: Not set
  • Server:
  • MMSC: Not set
  • MMS proxy: Not ser
  • MMS port: Not set
  • MCC: Leave as it is
  • MNC: Leave as it is
Pubg Ping issue

MCC and MNC are your area codes so do not change them otherwise this trick will not work.

  • Authentication type: click on PAP or CHAP option
  • APN type: Leave as it is
  • APN protocol: Select IPv4/IPv6
  • APN roaming protocol: Select IPv4/IPv6
APN Protocol settings
  • Bearer: Leave unspecified un-ticked and select all the network options. If your internet connection does not work properly than tick the LTE option only and un-tick all the other options.
Pubg Ping Problem


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