How to Help Your Elders with Technology

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In today’s time most of the elder people don’t know that how can we use gadgets like mobile, computer etc. Also for elders, it is difficult to learn new things on their own and especially when it comes to “Technology”. Everyone wants to enjoy the sweet fruit of modern science and technology and there is no age to learn new things. A proverb is also there “You are never too old to learn something new”. So we should tell our elders on how they can use all these gadgets and technology. As we know adult life is becoming very easy every day with new modern technology so adding technology to your elderly will definitely benefit their life. Here are some important tips on how to help your elders with technology. Before proceeding further, it is advisable that person is from our family or friend who is going to interact with the elderly.

Turning on Data

First of all, we need to tell them how to turn on the internet connection. This is easy, all they need to do is swipe down from the top of the phone and then tap on the data icon. This is a great idea to teach them because they will be able to remember the mobile data icon as visuals/signs are easy to remember.

Google Search

Google Search, a name from where you can find information about anything. You can tell the elderly how to search on Google.  We can use the browser because it’s the easiest way. You can tell them how we can listen/read to the news through simple web searches. They can also use words and phrases to search for information. You can tell them about more information websites like Wikipedia etc. Additionally, Google Search also comes with a voice recognition feature which I think perfect for the elderly.


The next thing is YouTube. You can teach them how they can watch anything on YouTube. Just open the App and search for the thing you want to listen to. If the elderly is not able to enter or write the keywords then voice recognition feature is also there in YouTube.  Tell them that they can watch old movies, comedy shows, religious video etc to make the best of their day.

Video Calling

Most of the elders are living far away from their families and sometimes years passed without seeing them. So Video Calling is a Gift of God to the senior citizens. As with Video calling they can not only talk with their loved ones but also see them. Not only family they can even interact with their old friends as well. So tell your elderly about how to connect a video call, how to disconnect a video call, how to receive a video call. In today’s era, WhatsApp I think a simple app for making video calls. Additionally, you can also tell about Facetime on iPhone or any other video calling app.

Important tips through which you can help your elders with technology
  1. Patience is must
  2. Slow step by step method
  3. Friendly behavior
  4. Teach with Symbols and signs
  5. Practice, more practice
  6. Use easy language
  7. Give them confidence

Above mentioned things are just the basic things which will have a positive impact on their lives. Additionally, you can also teach your elders about exercise apps, medication apps, Health tracking apps, GPS Services, Cameras etc as per knowledge and interest of the elderly.

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