Top MIUI 11 Themes of June 2020 for Redmi, Xiaomi and Poco

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Well, it’s another new month and it is the time for the best MIUI 11 themes for your Redmi, Xiaomi and now including Poco devices too. In our today’s theme list there are themes for everyone, themes for tech lovers, cartoon lovers, and minimal theme lovers too. This theme list is pretty interesting so let’s have a look at this best MIUI 11 themes list of June 2020.

MeUI 12 MIUI 11 Theme

The first theme in our today’s list is MeUI 12. This theme is totally based on MIUI 12. You get live wallpapers, new MIUI 12 icon pack, status bar control like MIUI 12, and many more things. By looking at the wallpaper and icon pack, nobody can tell that you are still on MIUI 11 because this theme totally looks like MIUI 12. Look of the status bar is also changed and it is more like MIUI 12 and it gives you are transparent look also. The Live wallpaper of this theme looks exactly the same as the MIUI 12 live wallpaper. So, if you are looking for a good MIUI 12 theme, then this is the best MIUI 12 theme I found on the theme Store.

best miui theme

Discovery MIUI 11 Theme

If you are a tech lover then this theme is perfect for you. The Discovery theme supports dark mode and it comes with default dark wallpaper and blue icon pack which looks really phenomenal. The status bar of this theme gives you a totally changed look and it goes really well with the look of the theme. Look of the dialer pad, messages app and the settings app is also changed. But the best part of this theme is its lock screen. On the lock screen of the discovery theme, you get many options and it totally looks insane and it gives you a total feel of a future like you have seen in some futuristic movies.

discovery theme for miui 11

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Morphing V12 MIUI 11 Theme

The next theme in our today’s list is morphing v12. If you want some changes in your phone’s look but you also want to keep it simple and minimal then the morphing v12 MIUI 11 theme is the perfect one for you. You get dark background wallpaper and the icons of this theme are totally new and it changes the complete look of your mobile. The status bar of this theme is in dark mode and this theme also supports dark mode. The looks of the dialler app and contact app are totally new in this theme and it looks similar to the iOS dialer and contacts app. The lock screen on the morphing v12 theme is pretty simple and it gives you a minimal look.

morphing v12 theme

Angry Birds MIUI 11 Theme

If you love angry birds game and angry birds movie, then you gonna love this theme too. The icon pack of this theme is so amazing and it comes in red color, matching with the background wallpaper. Everything in this theme gives you a new look including the battery and the network icons. The status bar, dialer and contacts app, messages app, and settings panel also have changes in its look. If you love red, white and yellow colors, then you gonna love this theme even more. I personally like this theme very much so do give it a try for once.

angry bird miui 11 theme

Doraemon MIUI 11 Theme

Well speaking of the cartoons who doesn’t love Doraemon and Nobita. if you are one of those persons who love these two like me, then you gonna love this theme too. This theme comes with the dark Nobita wallpaper and some rounded icons which goes pretty well with the look of this theme. But the highlighting point of this theme is the status bar of this theme. it will bring you to your childhood days, where watching Nobita and Doraemon was the best thing in your life. Look of the dialer, messages and settings app is also new but it’s little bit Messy also. The lock screen of this theme is pretty simple but cool at the same. Overall I like this theme very much so give it a shot.

doaemon miui theme

Maclaren UI

The last theme of our today’s list is Malaren UI. This MIUI 11 theme is inspired by the OnePlus Mclaren edition and this theme comes in orange, black and white colour look. The icon pack of this theme is also based on the look of the Mclaren theme and it comes in grey and orange colours. The status bar of this theme is very minimal and it comes in white grey and Orange colour combination. Battery, network and Wi-Fi icons looks are also different in the status bar. Dialer, Contacts and messages app also has small changes in its look. Overall this theme looks really well with some minor changes, especially, the colour contrast of this theme is amazing.


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