Twitter New Feature That Limit Who Can Reply To Your Tweets

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Twitter is working on the new feature which lets the user to limit who can reply to the tweet and hence the user will have more control over the tweet and restrict unwanted replies. Before every tweet you will see a globe type icon on the left below side by tapping on which a window will appear “Who can reply” as seen in below picture:

twitter who can reply
  1. Everyone
  2. People you follow
  3. Only people you mention

Previously on Twitter anyone whether they have followed you or not, will be able to comment/reply on your tweet and hence sometimes leads to unwanted conversation off to the subject. Here thanks to this feature an attempt to overcome the mentioned issue.

The first option is “Everyone” as the name suggests allow anyone to reply or comment on your tweet.

The second option is “People you follow”, which allows people you have followed to comment on your tweet.

The third option is “Only people you mention”, which allows only those people who are tagged in your post to comment on your tweet.

Here how twitter new feature will work

If any of the latter two mention options selected, then everyone still able to view/retweet /like your tweets but they won’t be able to reply as reply option will be greyed out if you have excluded them thus you have now meaningful and healthy conversations with a limited set of people and more control over the conversation.

twitter new feature

As confirmed from Twitter, only a limited set of people on ios/android twitter provided with the above mentioned feature as the same is still in testing mode. No official statement regarding the rollout timeline of this feature but one thing is clear that twitter emphasizing more in improving the conversation over the platform. We will keep you posted when once this feature rolled out globally and after having our hands on it.

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