What is Instagram Reels? How to Make Instagram Reels Perfectly

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Facebook owned Instagram finally launched Instagram Reels feature in India following the ban of TikTok and other Chinese Apps. Instagram’s Reel feature allows users to create a short video of 15 sec and share it with your Instagram friends. Similar to TikTok, you can add filters, catchy stickers, Music, Timer, various effects, editing tools in Instagram Reels. Call it TikTok ban effect or Instagram’s own catchy feature but Instagram’s Reel feature gains tremendous popularity over the past few days. So if you want to fill the void of TikTok or looking for a video sharing platform then Instagram reels is definitely an option to go for. Interestingly, users can also create videos using Instagram’s reel in their own voice. So what are you waiting for, Readout more to know how to make Instagram Reels.

How to make Instagram Reels

Firstly open the Instagram App on your Android phone. Now click on Camera icon on the top left corner. Now you have various options available on the bottom line, select REELS. Tap on Get Started.

how to make instagram reels

Now it’s time to create your own Instagram Reel video. Tap on the circle icon to start recording the video, make sure that you can only create a video of length up to 15 seconds only. Tap on the same circle icon to stop recording video. Now you have many editing options available while making Instagram Reels discussed below.

How to Add Music to Instagram Reels

The first option available is “Music”, tap on Audio icon, and then select songs you want to add to your video. Instagram has its own library with the top quality of Songs. By default, Instagram will display you the Songs as per your history. However, you can also search or browse through the songs you want to add to your reels.

how to add music to instagram reels

Select the song as you desired and then choose the part of the song you want for your video and then click on done on the top right corner.

How to Adjust Video Recording Speed in Instagram Reels

The second available option is “Speed”. At present five speed option available while making videos on Instagram. For slow motion videos, users can user 0.3x and 0.5x, for fast motion videos 2x and 3x can be selected.

how to adjust video recording speed in Instagram reels
How to Add Effects in Instagram Reels

The next thing is to add effects to your video. Tap on the Effects option and you will be shown plenty of effects at the bottom of the screen. Just swipe right and select the effects you want to add to your video.

how to add effects in instagram reels
How to Add Timer in Instagram Reels

Timer option is also available on Instagram Reels. Simply tap on the timer option and then set time for your clip. As already mentioned, the duration of the timer will be between 0.1 sec to 15 sec only. Once you have selected the time, click on the set timer. Selected time duration will appear on your screen while making videos. Additionally, a countdown will also appear on your screen while starting videos which I think handy in case of lip synching videos.

how to add timer in instagram reel
How to Replay your recorded Instagram Reels videos

I think pretty much impressive features you have got as mentioned above. Once you have done with your video and want to replay just tap on the back arrow as shown below. You will also delete and cut options during the replay of your video.

replay in Instagram reels

Moving further, If you are satisfied and got your perfect shot tap on the forward arrow as shown below. On the next page, you have following options:

  • Download video
  • Add stickers to your video
  • Scribble option
  • Add text to your video
customize instagram reel
How to share recorded Instagram Reels videos

Now you have done with all the customizations and at last click on the forward arrow to share the recorded Instagram reel video. You can share the videos to your Feed, Stories, and close friends. You can also add Captions and Hashtags to your Instagram reel video. Save as Draft option is also available to share the recorded video later on.


This is all about how to make Instagram reels. Hope this article will help you to make the best of Instagram Reels. Additionally, you can also check our article on how to delete your TikTok account permanently.

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