WhatsApp QR Code Feature to Add Contacts

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Facebook owned WhatsApp is all set to launch the much needed feature which lets users to add contacts by just scanning the QR Code. At present this feature available on WhatsApp beta version 2.20.171 of iOS and android, stable version will be rolled out soon.   

But what is the need of this feature? As you know to connect with any new person on WhatsApp firstly you need to add that contact to your phones address book, which I think an additional step as why I can’t directly connect over WhatsApp to someone. WhatsApp QR code will be an easier alternate to this problem.

Personal QR code can be found under profile settings and beside your name. User will have two options under the setting tab, one of which will be “scan code” which allow users to add a contact to WhatsApp directly and other option will let you to share your own personal QR code. Sharing QR code means you are sharing your contact no also.

whatsapp qr code feature

What if you shared a personal QR code with an unknown person? Here no need to worry about the same as user can reset the code and regenerate the same multiple times. This is no limit on the no of times a user can revoke the code.

WhatsApp QR code feature will be very useful for those who are using WhatsApp for business purposes as they can now publish their QR code over the internet or paste it in their shops.

Earlier also we have seen that WhatsApp bringing up several new features to make its messaging app more convenient like Dark Mode, stickers, 30 sec video instead of 15 sec etc. and here comes another. Facebook owned WhatsApp also working on “messenger room integration” which allow users to have a video chat with over 40 people at a time. Simply create the room and then start adding people. Rumors also there that WhatsApp QR code features will support multi device and will be rolled out shortly.

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