WWDC 2020: iOS 14 will come with these new features!

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Yesterday Apple announced some new features of iOS 14 as a part of WWDC 2020 keynote. The main focus of this event was the software of iPhones,iPads. iOS 14 includes some huge changes like iPhone home screens, picture-in-picture video, better widgets, a new way to automatically organized apps (app library), and a new Siri interface. The iOS 14 will come with a new translation app and it has the ability to unlock your car with your iPhone. However, the main features of iOS 14 are based on its home screen. Apple introduces some new features that Android users are using from the beginning of the Android.

The developer version of the iOS 14 is currently available to download, with the public beta launching in July. The full and final version of the iOS 14 will be released with the iPhone 12 at the end of this year. From Apple iPhone 6s to iPhone 11 Pro Max, all devices will get iOS 14 update.

Changes in the Home Screen

Ios 14 features

From the very beginning of the iOS, the home screen of the iPhone remains the same till iOS 13. But now Apple is trying to give its users a new look and feel with some organized stuff. Apple announced a new feature called the app library that comes at the end of your home screen within iOS 14. Basically this screen is filled with folders and apps will automatically divide into sections.

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For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all these apps will go in the folder named “social media”. So now you don’t have to create a folder and put your apps in that folder, the iOS 14 will do it automatically for you. This screen will appear at the end of your home screens. The benefit of this app library is that now you can hide specific apps that you don’t want on your home screen. Even you can hide a full-page that you don’t want to see, it will show in the app library instead.

New Widgets

new ios 14 widgets

Apple also redesigned the widgets in iOS 14 that are found in today’s view on iOS 13. But in iOS 14 you can pin widgets on your home screen and resize them as per your liking. This feature is also not new for Android users but it is a cup of cake for the Apple users. In iOS 14 there is a smart stack widget that shows the frequently used app’s widget on your home screen. It also changes from time to time according to the usage of that particular app, plus you can simply swipe up the stack widget to bring the different widget on the top.

The only con about the widgets is that you cannot change the size of these widgets, like you can change it in the Android operating system. it’s available only in two sizes and you can only put it on the left or right side but not in the middle of the screen. Also, you can put two widgets on the top of each other and you can swipe up or down to see the widget of your liking.

Pop-up notifications for incoming calls

Another big change in the interface of iOS 14 is the way you receive phone calls is also set to change. Now instead of taking up the whole screen, a popup notification will appear for incoming calls like it appears in Android mobiles already. I don’t know what was stopping Apple to do it earlier but thank God finally it’s here.

New and improved Siri

new siri ios 14 features

Apple also completely redesigned Siri for iOS 14. Now when you give commands to Siri it won’t take up the entire home screen; instead, Siri will appear at the bottom of your phone. It will show the result of your search as a small popup notification at the top of the display and you can tap on that to see the full details about that search. There are a lot of other improvements that Apple is making behind the screen on Siri. Like it will provide more accurate translations then before and now it can send audio messages for the first time also.


picture-in-picture mode

Compact call screens and picture in picture mode is another new feature of iOS 14. It is the most useful for iOS 14 shows up incoming calls as a small notification popup at the top of the free screen instead of taking up the entire display. Plus iOS now also sport picture in picture mode. Android mobiles have had this feature for a long time now but it took iOS many years to develop this useful feature for iOS.

Hide app Pages

In iOS 14 there is a new feature where you can hide app pages from your iPhone. It’s a great feature if you have too many apps on your phone but you don’t use them very often and don’t want them to take space on your home screen. But now in iOS 14, you can uncheck the pages that you don’t want to see but these apps will appear on the app library home screen.

Changes in the messages app

The messaging app is also getting some updates in iOS 14. Now you can pin the conversation on the top if you want. Memoji characters are also getting some extra customization options like now you can select your hairstyle from 20 new headwear hairstyles.

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